Cybercon – Protecting Ourselves from Big Tech and Bigger Lies (Paperback)

“Cybercon: Protecting Ourselves from Big Tech & Bigger Lies” introduces a breakthrough concept in cybersecurity. Dr. James Norrie takes us on a journey of self discovery that can lead to real change in “on the job” behaviour. This book accompanies our patent-pending non-invasive cyberconIQ Test which determines your risk profile and helps you learn how you can be better prepared for the next cyber attack.

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Their innovations are self-proclaimed as progressive, convenient, and community-building. And sometimes they are. But in reality, we are more like lab rats in a grand human experiment with unpredictable and potentially harmful consequences. While Big Tech prefers to deny and deflect, these huge global technology platforms provoke fear, cause social disruption, and enable information manipulation paving the way for hacks and attacks that wreak havoc in our lives.

Reporting on ground-breaking research, Dr. Norrie explores how personality traits such as your innate sense of rules, risks and rewards dictate online behavior. These make us all more or less vulnerable to cyber predators suggesting today’s really important cybersecurity questions are less about technology and more about simply being human. Inspiring hope, the author offers easy to understand strategies and tools that empower us against these threats, making us all more cyberaware. Align your technology choices to your personality keeping you, your family, and your organization all safer online; because Big Tech can’t or won’t do that for you.