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Cybercon the book is a breakthrough concept in cybersecurity.  Dr. James Norrie takes us on a journey of self discovery that can lead to real change in “on the job” behaviour.

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Take the non-invasive cyberconIQ Test to determine your risk profile, and learn how you can be better prepared for the next cyber attack.

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After taking the cyberconIQ Test, you’ll receive your online behavioral risk profile and details about which threat vectors are of most risk to you so you can feel confident about saving yourself.

Proven Training

We provide adaptable, applicable and reliable tactics that when consistently implemented by employees have been shown to reduce incidents of compromise/concern (IOC’s) by 40%.

“The test is easy and takes about 5 minutes to complete! It’s comprised of 40 short non-invasive questions using the Likert scale and measures the  instincts of your personality and translates them to how you would act online. Have fun and protect yourself online!”

Dr. James Norrie, Inventor

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What is cyberconIQ testing?

The cyberconIQ test will tell us your risk/rule profile using simple sets of questions, from here, we can tell you how you're most vulnerable and what types of cyber threats that your most prone to.


Why cyberconIQ testing?

Employees, leaders and anyone really, can be exposed to any amount of cyber risk whether at work in a small or large company or even at home. Most cyber threats are actually caused by a lack of human awareness.


How do I take the Test?

With the purchase of our cyberconIQ license, you'll receive and email from us. Simply follow the link & instructions to complete the online test. We'll give you instant results!