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The COVID-19 pandemic changes the way we conduct business, and working from home increases our vulnerabilities.  There have been numerous COVID-19 related cyber attacks to date. How can we help?

In this video Dr. James Norrie explains how your willingness to follow Rules (stay at home!) and your tolerance for Risk (avoid others!) are as predictable offline as they are online!

Your Style gives you insight to your behaviour, where you are most vulnerable, and how you can protect yourself.

Your individual style is susceptible to certain threats while immune to others – both online and off.  By answering some simple questions, our patent-pending cyberconIQ Assessment identifies your cyber-risk style.  Empower yourself today!

Use the code WFHC19
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Different Styles. Different Threats. Different Strengths.

We all fit in one of these quadrants

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  • Risk tolerant & Rule abiding
  • Prone to spear-phishing, catfishing, spoofing, deep fakes
  • They strive to understand the rules, but break them if the ends justify the means
  • Training involves understanding the risk/reward trade-off

Vulnerable to hacks with a sense of urgency, a false return or which invoke empathy

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  • Risk tolerant and Rule breaking
  • Rely on their instincts & judgement to broadly applicable rules
  • Feel it is their prerogative to break the rules
  • Often won’t follow a rule if they don’t feel ownership of it

Vulnerable to multiple kinds of attacks/hacks

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  • Risk averse and Rule abiding
  • They believe rules prevent to chaos
  • Respecting of rules once they are established and shared

Vulnerable to attacks which mimic the identity of those in authority instructing them to suppress the rules

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  • Risk averse and Rule breaking (if they won’t get caught!)
  • Uniquely able to be either cyber champions or victims of covert risks
  • Fear and feeling deficient may trigger clandestine behaviour

Vulnerable to exploit by threatening, shaming or exposure of a first hack to gain leverage and escalate threats

Is our Assessment Safe & Secure?

Yes! Our assessment functions without any demographic information.  We deliberately do not collect any personally identifying information (PII) except your name & email. Your assessment is emailed to you, and we store only your encrypted quadrant, not your answers.

Your privacy is our business. We never sell your data to anyone.


The COVID-19 pandemic is unprecedented. The risks are not!

Unscrupulous attackers are already exploiting our fears & anxieties as we acclimate to today's reality of social distancing, confinement and travel restrictions.

Use the code "WFHC19"


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Our Assessment takes less than 10 minutes and the results help you understand where YOU are most vulnerable.

Use the code "WFHC19"


Working from home eliminates protections of corporate networks

Attackers know you are more exposed, but knowing your Style can keep you aware of potential threats and your vulnerabilities.  Let us help you SAVE yourself.

Use the code "WFHC19"