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2020 is the year you confront fear, and protect yourself and your family from cyber threat.


Make self empowerment a big part of your New Year’s resolution.


Cybercon the book is the first step.


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Dr. James Norrie

Founder of CyberconIQ Inc., he makes frequent media appearances, speaks, writes, and consults globally about how tone from the top and improving cyber situational awareness can reduce organizational risk and to help make cybersecurity a team sport.

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Dr. James Norrie, Author, Cybercon

Excellence in People, Process and Technology have always been the keys to a successful organization. However, when it comes to cyber-threat management, the emphasis by most has been on process and technology, not people…with increasingly disastrous results. In this book, Dr. Norrie identifies underlying reasons for the “people risk gap”, providing a structure and framework to enable a more effective cybersecurity strategy for the human risks present in all organizations.

Craigg BallanceRetired Bank Executive & Director, Canadian Member Services FS-ISAC

Do parasailing and cybersecurity intersect? Learn how when you read this book! Fascinating. A heartfelt ground-breaker that convincingly transforms cybersecurity conversations from fear to hope…

Carol-Ann HamiltonBest-selling author, consultant, speaker, and national radio show host

In business today, we have done everything we can to secure technology and still there are breaches. The missing component is the human element of cybersecurity which this author explores in a compelling and convincing way that will help us all stay safer online. Well done!

Mark RipplingerPresident & CEO, Everlink Payment Services

Cybersecurity keeps executives up at night, wondering if they will be the next headline-making victim of an unfortunate cyberattack that hurts their custom- ers and harms their brand. Given we are all just one click away from scandal, I recommend this book to any leader of any provides a blue- print for mitigating the human side of cybersecurity, something most organizations are simply missing.

Barry ClavirFounder and CEO, Leaders Beyond Inc.

Buy it. Read it. Do it. Genius!

Tracy AbbottChief Compliance Officer

As someone who does not truly understand the intricacies of the world of technology, I found this book very revealing. It gives voice to many of my own fears, and offers hope for the future. It is inspired reading for anyone concerned about society’s collective online destiny.

Dr. Judith A. KirkpatrickRetired Professor, Dean and Provost

Once again, Dr Norrie cuts straight to the root cause of contemporary online hacks with a refreshing change from the usual fear-mongering to an innovative approach that encourages education and cooperation.

Stuart GrantChief Compliance Officer

If you want to fight hackers, change tactics. Cyberattacks are more prevalent than ever, touching work and families all the time. Big Tech & Bigger Lies can help you SAVE yourself from yourself and protect your money in an age of increasing cyber vulnerability. Upgrade your online behavior today!

Kyle Reid and Cheryl PurvesSmall Business Owners

As a cybersecurity professional who consults about keeping organizations safe, I am always striving to learn about the latest advances in our field. Time and again we blame cyber breaches on the technology, which fails to recognize the human element that is ultimately the most important factor. This book solves that puzzle!

Ajay RandhawaCybersecurity Consultant

Are you at risk? Or maybe your family or workplace? This book addresses our human vulnerabilities online, and Dr. Norrie offers innovative strategies to combat these issues helping make surfing safer for us all.

Harley RansonRetired Aviation Engineering Executive

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