Combo Pack - 4 cyberconIQ Assessment Licenses for the price of 3
Another Client taking cyberconIQ assessment test
Client taking cyberconIQ assessment test
Client showing cyberconIQ assessment test
cyberconIQ Test - Consumer License Now Available

cyberconIQ Family Pack – 4 Assessment Licenses

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Our cybersecurity assessment is available for free cost during this challenging time.

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This combo pack contains four cyberconIQ Assessment Licenses for the price of 3. You can distribute them to your family, friends or colleagues.

Each Licence can only be used once, and requires the person’s email addresses, where their personalized cybersecurity assessment will be sent.

The patent-pending cyberconIQ test is simple and only takes a few minutes before receiving your personal cyber profile that corresponds to one of four quadrants. With these, we can identify your particular risk/rule profile specific to types of potential cybersecurity attacks or threat vectors.

Purchase a license today, take the test, and mitigate your cyber security risk.


Save 25%! Receive 4 cyberconIQ Assessment Licenses for the price of 3.

Dr. James Norrie discovered a new approach to detecting, predicting, and interdicting dangerous online behavior using a patent-pending cyberconIQ assessment tool.

The test contours our ability to be empowered against online risks becoming more cyberaware. It helps us detect and avoid situations that are potentially harmful so we worry less about those things that are less likely to be a threat.

Which personality traits most likely affect online behavior? Two very relevant personality traits emerged from this discovery that consistently show up: we are either risk-tolerant or risk-averse and a willingness to be either a rule breaker or rule follower

Our test can identify specific types of cybersecurity attacks (known as threat vectors) that are more likely to succeed and why given any particular individual’s particular risk/rule profile. These also create the opportunity to consider overall rates of risk for the entire organization by mapping its organizational make-up according to the range of people found in each quadrant.

The automated testing method can even detect a respondent who is deliberately trying to provide a pattern of responses instead of being truthful through item intercorrelation. 

There are no wrong answers or bad results, so leave fear behind and take control. Receive your personal risk profile and Save Yourself From Yourself with the test today!

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